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The world's most confusing watch

It's, ermmm, five past something maybe?

The world's most confusing watch
20 March 2012

It's a notoriously tough balance to get right: maintaining both style and practicality when it comes to fashion.

For example, the main overriding need for a watch should be related to telling the time. But since watches can also be incredibly cool, as well as helpful, the lines have become blurred.

The 'Cypher's Little Brother' watch highlights this point rather brilliantly. The nifty timepiece would easily smarten up your wrist yet is accompanied by one major caveat: telling the time is really really hard.

Okay, so stick with us on this one. The hour hand is the big semi-circle and the one end that aims clockwise tells you the hour. The minute hand is the smaller semi-circle and can also be read by looking at the clockwise end. But when it's masked by the hour hand you need to add 30 minutes to the other end. Confused? That makes all of us.

It's just a concept watch at the moment, from designer Samuel Jerichow, but if you like to spend your days clock-watching, keep hoping that it becomes a reality.