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The stylish smartwatch

The stylish smartwatch

The stylish smartwatch

We want to like smartwatches. Really, we do. We just want something better than a tiny smartphone trapped in the shell of a rejected Star Trek prop.

Enter our savour, the Cogito Original.

On the face of it (literally), the Original is an attractive analogue timepiece, with a clutter-free dial and minimalist details. But all that room serves a second purpose; by simply tapping the screen, the Original displays notifications awaiting your attention without having to dig your phone out of hiding.

Connecting to your smartphone or tablet via low-energy Bluetooth ( Cogito claim the watch battery is good for over a year), wearers will be able to set custom notifications, calendar reminders and answer or reject incoming calls. That quick glance at your watch could soon turn into a lingering informative stare. We can't wait - but we'll have to, as it's not out for another 2-3 months.

(Images: Cogito)

(Via: Uncrate)