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The most beautiful £128 watch ever made

The most beautiful £128 watch ever made

The most beautiful £128 watch ever made
20 August 2015

There are timepieces and then there are timepieces.

Kloker’s KLOK-01, unless you’ve not already noticed by its sterling display, falls neatly into the latter category, geeking us out with some sleek design while also making us squint in a frantic quick bid to work out how wearers read the time on it.

Which isn’t as difficult as you’d imagine: three rotating concentric dials represent the hours, minutes, and seconds, all falling under a magnifying glass with a vertical line at 12 o'clock to indicate the time. Simple.

Other reasons to drool over your desk at this wristwatch are its interchangeable strap system, allowing you to effortlessly switch between bracelets and straps with one easy key (see here), and the news that your debit card won’t take too much of a hammering.

As with everything these days, the watches will hit Kickstarter next month where you’ll be able to buy one for a limited-period price of £128, before it’s hiked up to £248 retail.