The Millennium Falcon Record Player


We assume the first record that was played on this was the Beastie Boys' Intergalatic.

This brilliant Millennium Falcon record player - or rather, the Millennium 1200 - was created by Texas musical instrument repairer Marco Garza taking a used 1977 toy, originally bought for just $2, and adding a Technics SL-1200 to it.

Due to the toy's flimsy nature it wasn't a simple process: it took Garza nine months to finish, first strengthening the frame using recycled aluminium inserts, before adding the turntable and its components; the classic on/off knob, start/stop button and needle arm are all incorporated into the design with style.

You can see pictures and read about the whole process by visiting Marco's Picotek Design website.

What next? We humbly suggest an R2-D2 mixing desk and a C-3PO synthesizer.

[via Design Taxi]

(Images: Marco Garza)