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The Mechanical Smartwatch

The Mechanical Smartwatch

Since the dawn of time, mankind has endeavored to encase it as intelligently and elegantly as possible, of course eventually leading us to the divide we’re currently faced with: smart and mechanical.

If like us you're still numbing your backside on the fence, fear not, for a new startup firm dubbed Kairos may have the answer thanks to its upcoming mechanical-digital hybrid models the MSW and SWW.

Melding the self-winding movements associated with high-end craftsmanship with new tech capabilities – push notifications from Facebook and Whatsapp, calorie counter, remote control for your smartphone or tablet – each has both a transparent color OLED display which can disappear to reveal a fully ticking clock.

Like what you see? You can pre-order the Kairos, starting at $499 (£296) for the MSW, and gold SWW a bit costlier at $1,199 (£712), ahead of a a slated December 2014 release.

Until then, we'll be back on the fence if you need us.