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The Meat-Inspired Reeboks

The Meat-Inspired Reeboks

The Meat-Inspired Reeboks

We've worn shoes 'influenced' by late night food before, but that's usually by accident.

However, we now feel that we were ahead of the fashion curve, with the announcement of a collaboration between Reebok and retailer Extra Butter. They've taken the Ventilator silhouette, currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and given it a colourway inspired by the halal food carts of New York City in the 90s - specifically colours that you'd associate with meat dishes - to create, the 'Street Meat'.

So, there's a lamb, chicken and falafel inspired upper, with a yellow rice spreckled midsole, and an undercooked chicken outsole. Naturally, the sauces aren't forgotten: lace options include red and white for the colours of those extra garnishes.

They'll be available in limited NYC stores on Friday February 6th, and online at Extra Butter on Saturday February 7th, 5pm UK time, price TBA. You can watch a trailer for the shoes on the Extra Butter website now.

Alternatively, just buy a kebab tonight and throw it on your shoes; it won't be too far off.


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