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The new trailer for adult muppet movie 'The Happytime Murders' is a foul-mouthed delight

"No sesame, all street"

The new trailer for adult muppet movie 'The Happytime Murders' is a foul-mouthed delight
21 May 2018

You remember the Muppets, don’t you? They’re still about, so you shouldn’t have forgotten them - old Kermit and Miss Piggy and Gonzo and co - real fun for the whole family, ain’t they? Well, yes, but not necessarily anymore, with Brian Henson (Jim Henson’s son and director of Muppet Treasure Island) and his new film, The Happytime Murders.

This one isn’t for kids, basically. Absolutely not for small children, anywhere. Here’s why:

Like, it’s up to you what you let your kids watch, but it’s probably not the greatest idea to plonk them down in front of that. 

The very adult story concerns a disgraced former puppet cop working as a private eye, tracking down a serial killer who is murdering the ex-cast members of a 1980s TV show, The Happytime Gang (one of whom is - well, was - his brother). To help him solve the case, he teams up with a real-life human detective, played by Melissa McCarthy, and then they proceed to fight, shag, smoke and snort their merry way through a number of increasingly gross situations.

There are many good things going for this, and for your pleasure, they are listed below:

1. Melissa McCarthy is very good and funny 95% of the time (*cough* Identity Thief *cough*)
2. It’s not some cheap knock-off - Brian Henson is the most qualified person on the planet to make a Muppets movie
3. Puppets doing bad things is funny (see Avenue Q, Meet The Feebles, Team America)

The movie is obviously aiming for a particular (and particularly broad) crowd, which is essentially the Deadpool 2 gang, but if we’re all honest with ourselves here, it’s highly likely that you’re a member. Can’t really imagine being able to watch the above trailer without laughing at least once. Come on you lot, SILLY STRING JIZZ, sheesh.

(Image: YouTube)