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This new Swedish brand only sells corduroy and we're really into it

Ribbed for your pleasure

This new Swedish brand only sells corduroy and we're really into it
29 August 2017

Now that we can finally admit that summer is over – sorry— it’s time to rethink what materials you’re going to be putting around your body.

It was once the domain of dads, cigarette-stank teachers, and the sexless intelligentsia but corduroy is back in a big way, and Stockholm-based brand The Cords & Co (those dang Swedes again, coming over here, making us dress better) have got the ribbed clobber gear on lock.

“The Cords & Co is created by a passionate group of people united by a shared love of corduroy,” says Omar Varts, the brand’s CEO. “By exploring new ways to work with corduroy in our Stockholm design studio, we’re excited to share our unique story of a fabric everyone has a connection to, yet no other brand has dedicated themselves entirely to it.”

Besides a few cotton tees and a couple sweatshirts, everything the brand does is corduroy so you know what you're getting: hardy construction, new takes on essentials, and slightly-more-formal faves imbued with a well-worn air of wizened ribbedness. “We want people all over the world rediscover their love for corduroy!” says Mikael Söderlindh, founder of The Cords & Co.

Opening six flagship stores in global fashion capitals (including – yes – London) as well as launching shop online and prepping a few choice collaborations, this AW could belong to style’s most underrated textile.

The Cords & Co.’s new collection is available to buy now