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The Christmas Suit Is Here

The Christmas Suit Is Here

The Christmas Suit Is Here
01 December 2014

It's that time of the year, when the conservative cable knits are shoved to the back of the wardrobe and music libraries lie forgotten - exchanged for lurid alpine prints and a playlist of 25 immediately familiar songs. If Christmas is a season that inspires a degree of competitive one-upmanship in you, we've just found your trump card. Or rather, trump suit. 

A horrifying lovechild of the festive jumper and a badly tailored two piece suit, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Suit is the inspired novelty offering of

Unashamedly hideous, the line of festive suits is aimed squarely at the individual who can't be outdone at the office Christmas party. Available in three suitably themed prints, each shoulder padded option comes with its own matching tie. To really push home the offensive effect, we recommend buying all three versions and interchanging the jacket, trousers and neck tie. 

Available for £69.99, you're going to need to order one of these soon if you want it to arrive in time for the festivities. That, or you could cover your old suit in glue and roll around in some tinsel? 


[Via: Laughing Squid]