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The Chippy jacket

Your summer jacket is here

The Chippy jacket

If you've ever been in a waiting room with nothing else to do but read your own clothing, you'll be aware that hardly anything you wear is manufactured in the UK anymore.

British menswear label Private White V.C. are having none of that and are keen to maintain a strong tradition of domestic workmanship. This is perfectly highlighted in their latest creation, the Chippy.

The work wear jacket is made from 100% soft cotton woven in Lancashire while the fleece that can be found in the pockets is from Yorkshire lambs. Not that it's all just for a good cause though. It's also a damn fine item of clothing.

As we're, hopefully, leaving the rain and gloom behind and heading towards the summer months, the Chippy jacket offers a lightweight alternative that's also resilient and durable. Plus, it'll also provide you with a comfortingly homegrown label to read. If the situation calls for it.

You might want to start carrying a book around though...

You can buy yours at or at their store at 55 Lambs Conduit Street in London.