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The Botta Uno 24 Watch

The Botta Uno 24 Watch

The Botta Uno 24 Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
20 August 2014

Describing a watch as "an entire day at a glance" may sound silly - because, well, aren't they all supposed to? - but in the case of Botta's spectacular Uno 24 wristwatch, it might be set to revolutionise the way you see time.

Featuring one hand instead of the traditional two or even three, the single hand rotates around the watch face once every 24hrs. When it completes the full 360, the date window at the bottom of the watch changes, indicating the start of the new day.

Why does the dial start at the bottom, exactly? Good question: the positioning allows the watch to roughly approximate the position of the sun for its wearer, meaning, yes, it'll be like having a miniature sundial on your arm.

Priced at £277, the Uno 24 weighs a mere 43g, comes with a leather strap and is made from sapphire glass and stainless steel.

Single-handedly, it might be the most ingenious watch you've ever owned.