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The Big Lebowski spin-off Jesus Rolls gets its first trailer

Jesus walks and talks, er, Italian in this new trailer

The Big Lebowski spin-off Jesus Rolls gets its first trailer
Marc Chacksfield
27 September 2019

Jesus is back bowling and bickering in this sequel/spin-off to The Big Lebowski. We haven't heard much about The Jesus Rolls, which follows the controversial Lebowski character post getting out of prison, but we now have a trailer... in Italian.

If you speak Italian then we are sure that this trailer will spark some Big Lebowski joy. For the rest of us, at least we get some lovely visuals (and hilarious dubbing), that hark back to the original classic.

Now, there may be some of you thinking that The Big Lebowski doesn't need a sequel. Well, this is a spin-off that been written and directed by Jesus himself, John Turturro - and the movie has been given the Coen Brothers' blessing, so don't go thinking this is just a cynical cash grab.

The cast looks fantastic, too. Not only is there Turturro - you also have the brilliant Bobby Cannavale (fresh from Mr Robot), Jon Hamm, Susan Sarandon, Audrey Tautou, and Christopher Walken.

The Jesus Rolls is out in Italy next month (hence the trailer) and the rest of the world in 2020. To whet your appetite, here's 50 things you (probably) didn't know about The Big Lebowski.