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The best dressed celebrity grooms of all time

Grooms who rock wedding suits so well they almost outshine the brides

The best dressed celebrity grooms of all time

Weddings don't just last one day, they last a lifetime. Photos will be plastered all over Facebook and will always get pulled out when you go round your gran's, so wearing a great wedding suit is absolutely paramount; leave your everyday work suit where it belongs (in the trash).

Here are our best dressed grooms of all time to help you find your wedding suit inspiration, from George Clooney's summer tailoring to Andy Murray's kilt.

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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley's glossy paisley tuxedo wasn't the only overly decadent subject of the day, as the couple also purchased a $2,000 wedding cake for the day, which in 1967 (and now) was a stupid amount of money.

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Mario Gomez

Most people would look like a douche bag wearing sunglasses with a three piece navy suit and bow tie on their big day, but the professional German footballer (who has scored 28 goals in the last 41 games for Besiktas) can do what he want.

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Jamie Hince

They may not have had the longest marriage of all time, but at least the Kills guitarist has these slick wedding pictures he can just cut Kate Moss out of and stick on Tinder.

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Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones frontman dresses full-on seventies when marrying Bianca in 1971 with a wide lapel three piece suit and oversized collar shirt to look in proportion with his humongous lips.

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Andy Murray

It would only take one strong gust of wind to ruin the photographs, but Andy Murray took a chance by sticking to his Scottish roots and wearing a kilt - and it paid off.

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Declan Donnelly

Small lad, big style. Dec (who looks weird pictured without Ant) goes electric blue with his wedding tailoring and adds a classic touch with a double breasted waistcoat teamed with a pocket watch.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger

The Manchester United player sticks to the classics with his navy two piece wedding suit, perfectly accessorised with a silk pocket square, sunglasses and boutonnière.

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George Clooney

This silver fox could wear a bin liner and still look better than most grooms. Thankfully he didn't, because that would've been weird, and instead wore a simple light grey suit and an eggshell blue shirt with no tie.

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Prince William

Before Brexit stole away our national pride, it was at the max with the wedding of William and Kate. This look might be slightly odd if you're not of royal descent or in the military, so maybe steer clear of this one.

Professor Green

Most people with a neck tattoo wearing a suit look like they're on their way to court, but the only thing Pro Green is guilty of is absolutely smashing it in this statement blue three piece.

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Reggie Kray

OK, the Krays were terrible people; we know that. But it's undeniable that their taste for the finer things dripped down into their impeccable Italian style gangster tailoring. And yes, we do know that a pattern is emerging of stylish marriages that didn't last very long.

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Dermot O'Leary

Ol' Dermot loves a low cut waistcoat, doesn't he? If he's not wearing them on the X-Factor he's wearing them at a wedding, and most probably to the gym and bed.

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Alan Ferguson

The video director, who has worked with Katy Perry, John Legend and Beyonce, married Solange Knowles in 2014 in possibly one of the most hipster weddings ever. Riding to the chuch on a fixie? How very Shoreditch. However, that double breasted summer suit makes up for the sheer tweeness.

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