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The Adidas Timing 1969 Watch

The Adidas Timing 1969 Watch

The Adidas Timing 1969 Watch

"It would be great if you could pay tribute to the Originals Superstar with a new watch. Put some laces on it or something. Just make it look cool, okay?"

We imagine that's the sort of design brief the Adidas Originals team sent the designers of the three-stripped Timing branch. Somehow, they've managed to pull it off. 

As the German sports brand sets about a year of special releases to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the iconic shell-toed court shoe (yes, we're aware it's been around for 46 years), the Timing team has joined in the festivities with the 1969 Watch.

The over-sized case is finished in an eye-grabbing gold metallic shimmer, with a neat nod to the shoe's toecap coming in the form of a rubberised section on the rim of the watch's casement. Other fitting embellishments include a herringbone pattern on the watch's face, an echo of the shoe's traditional outsole look. 

Set to go on sale from 25 March with a price yet to be announced, Superstar fans will be able to expand their collection by picking this up from Adidas Original retailers. 

[Via: Freshness Mag]