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The 20 Coolest Jackets For Under £100

The 20 Coolest Jackets For Under £100

The 20 Coolest Jackets For Under £100

Is last year's winter jacket looking a bit tight across the shoulders? Got your eye on a new peacoat but not wanting to drain your wallet on the run up to Christmas and New Year? We've got you covered - literally. 

We've rifled through the stacked rails of the high street - virtual and physical - to bring you a selection of some of the finest jackets and coats for under £100. Whether you're looking for a waterproof mac to stuff in your bag or a trench coat for the Christmas formal, there'll be something in here to inspire you. 

And yes, it is going to get colder, wetter and darker. We asked the Met Office. They just nodded. 

Camel woollen peacoat by River Island

Winter needn't be defined by hues of grey and black. This camel peacoat from River Island adds some refined tones to your outerwear selection: double breasted with a wool-blend fabric, it's a bargain at under £70.


Trucker jacket by Universal Works

Not wanting a long winter coat but keen to avoid the familiar/expensive routes of denim and leather? This hard-wearing cotton jacket from Universal Works is a superb 'third way'. Close-fitting, with adjustable hems and cuffs, you'll be able to get away with popping the collar of this to fend off any zealous winds.


Slim fit trucker denim jacket by Levi's

We're not going to pretend we understand the cycle of double denim, but we stuck our sartorial finger in the air and apparently it's "In". For now. Which means that Levi's slim fit trucker number is more than acceptable - it's stylish. 


Quilted Marl Bomber by Fred Perry

One for the Mods, this quilted bomber from Fred Perry offers more by way of style than winter insulation. A soft quilted cotton blend, minimal details, we're sure you can put up with the chill for the sake of looking this good?


Farrell tweed nep blazer at Primark

"A tweed blazer for under £50?" Yep. "A tweed blazer at Primark?" You bet. Part of Farrell's 30-piece collaboration with the high street chain, this is the perfect jacket for the ever-confusing smart/casual invite. 

£38, only in stores

Short rain jacket by Rains

It never rains but it pours. Unless you're looking for a new coat, in which case this gallery is a veritable heatwave. Unlike the vast range of 'shower proof' coats out their, Rains' short rain jacket is genuinely 100 percent waterproof. It's also available in muted colours if the yellow is a little too 'fisherman' for you.


Khaki Sherpa Coat by Gap

We've often wondered what the point of a hood on a coat that isn't waterproof is. GAP has clearly been of a similar mind, rejecting the flapping excess in favour of a high sherpa-lined collar. As warm as it looks.


Belted Trench coat by Marks and Spencer

Squeezing in at under £100, this dapper trench coat from M&S looks a lot more jacket than £99 should be able to buy you. A shimmering blue patterned lining, slim fit styling with medium length, this will still be in style come next winter. And the one after that. In short, it's timeless. 


Lewis Flecked Blazer by HYMN

Squeaking into our price cap, HYMN's flecked blazer is worth every one of your 10,000 pennies. A grey wool blend flecked with white, this is dapper without edging into fusty-old-geaser territory. 


adidas GsG9

Adidas try their hand at the classic parka jacket - and manage to nail it. Constructed from a heavy duty cotton and nylon Oxford shell, a drawstring waist and hood help keep the worst of winter at bay.


Biker jacket by H&M

Channelling their inner Hell's Angel, H&M's biker jacket is a far more manageable affair than a "proper" leather option (there are less studs for a start). Sporting a durable cotton build, rakish zip angle and clean lines, faking an interest in bikes never looked so good.


Jack & Jones Lightweight Pull On Jacket

Adjustable toggles? Check. Vast pockets? Check. Drawstrings? Definitely. Jack & Jones have created a head-turning casual jacket, ideal for wilderness adventures or ensuring you get due respect as you navigate the Christmas shoppers. Also handy if you're planning on calling out the mountain rescue team in the dead of night (best not though). 


Wool blend peacoat by Uniqlo

Thanks to the trail-blazing sailors of the US navy, the double breasted peacoat hasn't been out of style for a good 100 years. Uniqlo's latest model takes a minimalist approach - no silly epaulettes or distracting zips, just a thick wool shell and buttoned double breast. 


Denim Builder jacket by Blue Collar Worker

No, you don't have to hail from a manual labour background to pull off Blue Collar Worker's denim jacket - we doubt you'd want to get any saw dust/paint/cement mix on it for a start. Available in an astonishing range of sizes (extra small to XXL), best worn with worker boots and a beard.


Barbour Heritage Liddesdale Jacket

Barbour know their way around an outdoor jacket - their padded Liddesdale is a familiar classic. Whether you're being dragged to the park by the dog or needing a layer to get you to the pub, you'll be dressed for the occasion in this. 


Packable commuter jacket by Levi's

Although practical, the standard mac in a sack is usually little more than a bin bag with a zip. Introducing Levi's far more stylish alternative: a packable commuter jacket that you can stuff in your bag and happily wear to the (trendy) pub. Littered with air vents, which is apparently what commuters crave.


Alfred hooded jacket by HYMN

Navigating that tricky line between "too many pockets" and "not enough pockets", HYMN's Alfred jacket has three outer pockets sealed with rope toggles and inner pockets for phone and wallet. Ideally for layering, with just enough room for your favourite jumper underneath. 


Fur-lined sherpa by Native Youth

Hailing from Manchester, Native Youth know a thing or two about pulling off a convincing retro parka coat. With a detachable hood, fleece lining and drawstring hem, it's a maroon window into 1960s style. 


Pixton Mac Jacket by Farah

Farah gives the classic mac a modern rethink: their Pixton is a clean, contemporary take on a design that can often look a little fusty. Button fasteners on the neck and sleeves reduce the bulk. Best take a brolly if it looks like rain though.


Parka Jacket by Only and Sons

If you're looking for some heavy layers, turn to Only and Sons. As well as a detachable faux fur lining for the hood, their parka sports an nylon outer, with full cotton lying and polyester padding. And if you're wearing too many layers to do the zip up, you can use the rugged clasps. Toasty.