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The 10 strongest street style shots from Men’s New York Fashion Week

Casual tailoring, 70s and summer colours featured heavily on the streets of the Big Apple

The 10 strongest street style shots from Men’s New York Fashion Week
21 July 2016

It’s not just abnormally sized slices of pizza and angry taxi drivers New York is known for; it’s become a massive hub for men’s fashion.

Once just heavily known for sportswear worn non-ironically and baggy jeans halfway down your legs, the Big Apple has become a forward thinking location for menswear with the introduction of a separate fashion week for the guys, challenging major players like London and Milan.

Don’t believe us? We have evidence. Just check out these top 10 street style shots:

Image source: Rex/Getty

Starsky & Hutch

The trend for 70s shapes and colours is still totally relevant, with some people even going the extra mile and sporting a porn tash. 

On the spot

This guy takes his footwear choice even further by wearing leather strap sandals with his three piece polka dot suit. We’re sure this is the furthest it can go; we draw the line at sliders with trousers.

You can leave your hat on

Streets of New York or Havana? By the capitalist high fashion advertisements in the background, we’re guessing the Big Apple, but this guy’s retro vacation style game is strong.

Suited but not booted

The brogues business must be in absolute tears, because it seems like most of the world is swapping smart shoes for sleek, comfortable trainers.

Shorts are for wimps

The sartorial look was strong even though it was high temperatures, given a summer makeover with cropped trousers and baby blue colouring.


Think pink

His pink windowpane check blazer is obviously impressive, but we’re bowled over by the patent burgundy bag. Briefcase wanker? Don’t think so.

Smokin' hot

Not everyone can pull off pinstripes – especially in New York, the yuppy capital of the world. But this gent banishes the Wall Street notions and gives it a fresh spin.

Do you even skate bro?

A Thrasher Skateboard tee and a sturdy fedora? Very two different looks, but it surprisingly works even though we can tell in his eyes that he has never landed a kickflip.

Sticking your neckerchief out

Neckerchiefs are the easiest way to bring out the potential of a simple outfit like shorts and t-shirts, and can also double up as a napkin at lunch.

And it was all yellow

Theoretically those trainers should be giving you a migraine right now, but they’re toned down and made acceptable by the casual tailoring elements.