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Supercar-inspired Wedge Watch

Supercar-inspired Wedge Watch

Supercar-inspired Wedge Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
18 September 2014

Tell that company in San Francisco they can keep their smartwatch. From now on, we'll not be investing in any timepiece that's not made from CarbonMacrolon. No, we didn't know that was a material. Yes, it's for bragging rights.

The other-worldly work of Swiss watchmakers MB&F, the HM5 CarbonMacrolon Watch is not your normal time teller. A mechanical movement in a wedge-shaped case, the design of the HM5 creates an interesting challenge in displaying the time to the wearer: The 'engine' of the watch, featuring separate dials for minutes and hours, sits parallel to the wearer's wrist. To allow you to read the time at a glance, a sapphire prism reflects the horizontal hour and minutes so they appear displayed vertically.

And that's not the end of the HM5's tricks. Slats along the back of the wedge case (inspired by the rear-windows of supercars) can be opened to allow more light into the prism, while an exhaust pipe allows water to drain from the case - two elements that see the watch dubbed "On the Road Again".

Limited to a run of 66 pieces (we don't imagine there's much CarbonMacrolon going around), one of these will set you back $63,000 (£38,431). At least the battery will last longer than the Apple Watch...

(Images: MB&F)

[Via: Freshness Mag]