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'Submarining' is the latest dating trend you need to watch out for

It might have happened to you

'Submarining' is the latest dating trend you need to watch out for
20 October 2017

Yes, there’s another dating trend. Another one.

If you’ve been keeping up at the back like the attentive students you are, you’ll already be au fait with the likes of kittenfishing, stashing, breezing, drafting season and perspecticide which now reside alongside the perennial classics like ghosting, catfishing and all the rest.

And you could say this one is ripe for a deep dive, since it’s called ‘submarining’.

A submarine, because why not

That, there, above is a submarine. The USS Tucson, a Los Angeles-class attack submarine to be specific. And what it does is surface for a bit, then goes under water for a period of time, and then resurfaces with no warning.

Which is exactly what a ‘submariner’ does.

It’s a term that’s being used for those annoying people who you begin to date, then suddenly ghost you, disappearing with no explanation; then, weeks or months later, they resurface in your DMs like nothing’s happened, either replying to an old, previously unanswered text, or just breezily asking whether you want to meet up, often giving some lame excuse, but sometimes not even bothering with that.

So, in summary, it’s not a good look.

Which is not something that can be said about actual submarines, because they are way cool, as evidenced by this photo of a Type-091 Chinese nuclear submarine.

Look, another submarine!

Be a submarine: not a submariner.

(Images: Rex)