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Stunning Roman Marble Watches

Stunning Roman Marble Watches

Stunning Roman Marble Watches
03 August 2014

This watch rocks. No, not because it looks good, or because it features a mechanical movement for under £400 - but because it contains some genuine Roman marble (and thus allows us to use an awful pun).

Don't worry, Vincero hasn't been tearing down Roman ruins in order to mine the materials for its limited run of mechanical timepieces - the team has been doing its homework and sourced its marble from the same Italian locations the ancient Romans will have used to construct their own monuments.

Three designs will make up the first batch released by Vincero - the Nero (black), the Rosso (pink and red) and the Carrara (white). The face of each watch is adorned with its own chunk of stone, with unique swirls and cracks for every item. An 'open heart' movement sits exposed at the base of the face, while the automatic movement can be see swinging around on the back of the casement. And of course the time markers are in Roman numerals.

Currently edging toward its Kickstarter funding goal, you can put in an order for a Vincero watch for around £355, with a variety of discounts available through funding perks.

(Images: Vincero)