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Striking Tesoro Mechanical Watch

Striking Tesoro Mechanical Watch

Striking Tesoro Mechanical Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
04 August 2014

Forget smartwatches, fitness trackers and wearables. The most useful piece of technology that can fit on your wrist was invented last century, and the Tesoro is looking to give it a modern overhaul.

An automatic mechanical watch is a miniature marvel of engineering: rather than being wound by hand or an electric source, the mainspring (which turns the gears that keep the hands ticking) is wound by a weighted that spins on a pivot as you move. No battery, no maintenance - so long as you move about every 40 hours or so, the Tesoro will keep on ticking.

Usually this intricate tech costs the better part of £600 - Tesoro's stunning timepiece only costs £300.

Housed in a squared sapphire crystal case, the watch features an 'open heart' balance wheel (something very small and very complicated that moves a lot) and striking star-shaped second hand. Removable links allow you to change up the design of the strap if tanned leather isn't your thing (it should be).

Currently ticking towards its Kickstarter funding goal, the Tesoro is available for as little as £165 with early bird perks. Ideal for anyone looking to boast about the number of watch batteries they haven't had to buy in recent years, or those who like unique timepieces.

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