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Streetwear for dogs now exists, and it's very important

Supreme? Sorry, I've only heard of Pupreme

Streetwear for dogs now exists, and it's very important

For too long we have been spending money on clothes for ourselves to wear, while cruelly neglecting our dogs.

Imagine what they must think - we’re walking around in our expensive trainers and our turtlenecks and our big coats, meanwhile they’re forced to trot along at our sides, totally nude except for a demeaning collar. It isn’t fair.

Well, that time is thankfully coming to an end. 2018 is the year of dogs wearing clothes, and more specifically, it’s the year of them getting big into streetwear.

You’ve heard of Supreme, Balenciaga and Vetements, now it’s time to meet Pupreme, Pawlengiaga and Petements.

Instagram accounts like Pawkier and Pawmain are highlighting some of the most fashionable pups on the internet, including French Bulldgos in ‘Anti Social Puppy Club’ hoodies, little fluffy monsters in ‘Pucci’ sweaters and a bunch of frankly excellent ‘Pupreme’ food bowls.

But what am I still talking for? I know you’re only here to look at cute pictures of dogs wearing streetwear. So here we are, lots of cure pictures of dogs wearing streetwear. You’re welcome.

(Images: Instragram)