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Dustin from 'Stranger Things' has launched an amazing personalised 'Ghostbusters' t-shirt

He ain't afraid of no ghost

Dustin from 'Stranger Things' has launched an amazing personalised 'Ghostbusters' t-shirt

As well as being an excellent story, it’s safe to say that a huge part of Stranger Things’ success came as a result of the nostalgia trip that it took us all on, with the warm feeling we all got seeing all of those ‘80s references – both visual and audible – constantly popping up.

The eagerly-awaited second series of the show, due to hit Netflix this Halloween, shows no sign of letting up, with the trailer showing our young heroes decked out in Ghostbusters outfits.

And now it’s gone a step further, with Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, taking to Instagram to show off an unbelievably cool t-shirt which is a mashup of his face, complete with trademark cap, and the iconic logo from the 1984 movie:

As he explains, not only can you buy one for yourself, but all proceeds will go to #ccdsmiles, which will benefit kids and adults with cleidocranial dysplasia, which Matarazzo himself suffers from. The condition affects approximately one in every million people.

The shirt’s only available for two weeks, so head here to get yours for $24.99.

Who ya gonna call? Probably Eleven. And Hopper as well.