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Newspaper announces Lukaku's big move to Man Utd... with a huge photo of Stormzy

This is so, so awkward

Newspaper announces Lukaku's big move to Man Utd... with a huge photo of Stormzy

Romelu Lukaku is one of the more recognisable footballers in the country, and now one of the most valuable after Manchester United agreed a reported £75m fee with Everton for his services.

The Belgian striker has played close to 200 times in the Premier League, scoring 85 goals for Everton and West Bromwich Albion, and missed just four matches in the last three seasons.

It shouldn’t really need saying, but Lukaku is not the same person as Stormzy, the grime star who supports – but importantly does not play for – United.

Again, different people.

Not that this stopped Irish newspaper The Herald from accompanying their story on the transfer with a photo of the wrong man.

Still, it’s not like they ran it on the back page, making it easy for folks to take photos and share it far and wide. Wait, they did? Oh that is unfortunate.

As fellow grime artist Skepta would say: "That's not me!"

In The Herald’s defence, the likeness has been commented on by Stormzy himself in the past, while he is pictured in Man Utd gear.

He has also been involved in club promotions in the past, most famously with the announcement of Paul Pogba’s signing last summer.

On the other hand, though, and we cannot stress this enough: They. Are. Different. People.

This ought to blow over soon enough, unless it turns out that United have accidentally offered Everton £75m for Stormzy. That would be weird, but we wouldn’t put anything past United CEO Ed Woodward.

(Images: Rex Features)