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Spot prevention the natural way

Origins claims it can banish unsightly skin blemishes

Spot prevention the natural way

Fortunately, most of the embarrassing and cringe-inducing things about our teenage years — undercuts, wispy moustaches and Will Smith’s Willennium on tape — are safely consigned to history and dusty, attic-ensconced boxes.

We assumed spots would be too. But rather than being an offshoot of adolescence, they’re actually caused by your sebaceous glands producing too much sebum, which clogs pores and produces the pimply offenders. And that can happen well into your 30s.

Step forward Origins and its Super Spot Remover gel, which is made entirely from natural ingredients to clean pores and leave a pleasant scent.

So not only will you look good enough to eat, you’ll also taste great in case anyone tries.