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Seiko's Elegant Kinetic Watch

Seiko's Elegant Kinetic Watch

Seiko's Elegant Kinetic Watch

Times are a-changing.

Watches - formerly used for telling the time - are now capable of tracking the steps between your desk and the fridge, buzzing at the sight of another email and reducing you to an awkward mumble as you attempt to turn off the vocal directions on its in-built map feature. 

Which is why it's refreshing to see Seiko rework an old model that does exactly what a watch is supposed to do - and with a near-infinite battery life.

The Kinetic watch harnesses the energy created by the slightest of wrist movements, storing the power in a recharging battery that displays its power store on the face. Reworked with a contemporary design and hardened, anti-reflective glass case, there's a choice of a metallic link strap (£249) or a rubber number (£199). 

Available from Seiko's online store, the next time you need to replace the battery in one of these we'll probably be telling the time from digital tattoos. 

[Via: Freshness Mag]