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Watch this schoolkid present the greatest weather report of all time

We were not prepared for this

Watch this schoolkid present the greatest weather report of all time
23 March 2018

Weather reports undoubtedly started out as fairly dry affairs (if you’ll pardon the absolutely deliberate pun), with presenters calmly giving out the information coldly (if you’ll pardon the absolutely deliberate pun) and without any emotion.

But these days, the weather forecast is a star-studded affair, with the regulars often jazzing it up on special days and guests regularly turning their hand to giving you the info, be it grime royalty or actual royalty.

But one kid from Nashville may have outdone them all with this absolutely excellent weather report made for a class project at his elementary school, Waverley Belmont.

I would gladly get up at 5am every morning if this guy was on the TV giving me the lowdown on what to expect from the day ahead.

Behold, the kid who is surely destined to become the new Michael Fish when he grows up, Carden Corts:

His assignment was to produce a weather forecast video for school and I think we can all agree he nailed that - although his dad, who works in video production did help him out.

Nonetheless, the greatest production in the world can’t make the camera love someone like it does here, especially when that star is warning us of an impending tornado.

When global warming destroys the planet in a few years, we want to be told about it by Carden. Good lad.

(Image: YouTube)