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Big Narstie presented the weather this morning and obviously it was incredible

Please do this every day

Big Narstie presented the weather this morning and obviously it was incredible
16 January 2018

Get Big Narstie on your show, and you know you’re getting gold - it’s an industry rule now, people are finally wising up to it. Michael Dapaah might be the young upstart, but Narstie is the original funny man of grime - and now, it seems, the original weather man of grime.

The BDL head honcho appeared on Good Morning Britain to treat us to his very own personal weather report, alongside a chuckling Alex Beresford, the usual reporter.

As such, we were greeted not with the standard “icy winds”, “warm fronts” and “cold snaps” - but instead we had “Blitzkrieg, double up, double up, double up”, “Wellies, mud-fest, anyone who’s got pets, no say you’re gonna be getting bare mud in your yard” and “Edinburgh, peak times”. And the rest - watch it unfold below:

Essentially, it’s the kind of weather report I want to see - I know that bad things will be falling from the sky (this is England) so I’d rather I had it delivered to me in an easily-digestible, upbeat manner, thanks. Don’t need getting upset that early in the morning - it sort of ruins the day. Hire Big Narstie, is what I’m trying to say - sorry Alex.

Seems the internet agrees, too:

Just look at all the emojis up there - sign the internet likes something, those are. So yeah, someone that can be arsed - please set up a petition to get Big Narstie a permanant weather spot, if you wouldn’t mind. Cheers!

(Image: Rex)