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This BBC weatherman's flamboyant forecast will absolutely brighten your day

It's going deservedly viral

This BBC weatherman's flamboyant forecast will absolutely brighten your day
18 July 2017

Right, so, here’s the thing: 

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is the best reality show on television. 

Taking a bunch of incredibly talented drag queens and making them do a myriad of design and creative challenges that would make your average Apprentice contestant weep, no other televised competition can match it.

It has drama. It has comedy. It has heart. It ends every episode with a lip sync finale that totally negates the need for The X Factor.

It’s spectacular television, Seasons 2-9  are on Netflix right now and you should watch them all immediately.

Anyway, now our gushing endorsement is out of the way, here’s BBC weatherman Owain Wyn Evans delivering a dragtastic weather forecast in celebration of International Drag Day (16 July).

To mark the day, Owain crams as many drag references as he can into his broadcast, and he does a stellar job of it.

"Now listen guys, I'm going to spill the tea, alright, and tell you that some of these clouds today are going to be throwing some serious shade," he begins, before name dropping a number of drag queens, such as Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst and former Drag Race contestants Nina Flowers and Charlie Hides.

Needless to say, the forecast went down a storm (nailed it) with fans and drag stars alike – even RuPaul and Charlie Hides themselves got involved: 

Condragulations Owain my dear, you are the winner of this week's weather forecast competition.