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Sainsbury’s has changed its meal deal and people are p*ssed

Taste the Difference is now strictly off-the-menu

Sainsbury’s has changed its meal deal and people are p*ssed
06 September 2016

Let's face it, if it was possible to expunge one year from the history books, 2016 would be right up there in contention with 1914 (when World War One started), 1939 (when World War Two started), and 2026 (when World War Three will start). Bowie, Brexit, Harambe; the misery is seemingly never-ending.

To boost morale, Sainsbury's have revised their meal deal range, rebranding it 'On The Go' and, crucially excluding the popular Taste The Difference sandwiches from proceedings. Lets have a quick peek at how warmly this wonderful news has inevitably been received: 

Oh. Quite badly then.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s has said they had “invested in the quality of salads, sushi and sandwiches, sourced better quality ingredients for sandwiches”. So while you might now only be able to get an extremely barebones Butter And Nothing Else sandwich in your £3 On The Go deal, it will be better quality butter than before, so chin up. 

The spokesman added: “We’re also including 14 new ambient snacking lines, all at 50p and under 150 calories each, tapping into the healthy snacking trend." Forget 'meals' and 'deals', ambient snacking is the future. Little bags of carrots that have a faint neon glow and pots of fruit compote that emit droning, dreamy synth sounds when you open them. 2016 could be a good year yet.