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Sacha Baron Cohen convinced a food critic that he was eating human meat (and he loved it)

Things got very Hannibal

Sacha Baron Cohen convinced a food critic that he was eating human meat (and he loved it)
20 August 2018

Would you eat human meat? Probably not. Just a hunch - you would probably not. No matter where it’s come from, best not to eat it. Don’t eat human meat, everyone, let’s not eat it.

But hey, some people would, it turns out. Of course, normally those people are cannibals and serial killers, not relatively well-known food critics. 

Like Bill Jilla of, who has done what you should not, and eaten human meat. Like, not actual human meat, but for all intents and purposes he thought he was eating exactly that.

And it’s all courtesy of Sacha Baron Cohen and his latest show Who Is America, in a sketch which see’s Cohen’s ex-con character Rick Sherman serving up a platter of nonsense food:

Yep, that’s a professional food critic, there, first eating “Anally-aged veal in a strawberry prophylactic”, and then - for the main event - wolfing down a “Filet of vegetarian-fed Chinese dissident and cauliflower puree”.

And what does it taste like? Well, according to Jilla, the meat which was “donated” by a Chinese man after his death, was “butter soft.” Jilla continues: “Who needs a knife? It’s melting on my palette, I do not need to chew it.”

Next up, Cohen tells Jilla that it “would be a great honor for the family to know someone in the West is enjoying their son.” So the critic does just that, right to camera.

Whatever you think of Cohen’s latest show, you can’t deny that each episode contains at least one flash of brilliance which, in previous weeks have included a gun-enthusiast fronting a campaign to arm toddlers, Republican Roy Moore failing a ‘paedo detector’, and internet entrepreneur agreeing to be photoshopped into pictures appearing to be feeding starving African children and a Republican congressman stripping down and screaming racist and homophobic abuse during ‘anti-terrorist training’.

Old Cohen’s still got it, that’s for sure.

(Image: YouTube)