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A Dragon's Lair film starring Ryan Reynolds is on its way

The classic game is back.

A Dragon's Lair film starring Ryan Reynolds is on its way
30 March 2020

Most of the film and television news we've received over the last few weeks has involved filming or production being cancelled – so it's nice to start the week with something a bit happier.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, classic video game Dragon's Lair is set to be made into a film – starring none other than Ryan Reynolds.

Netflix has "just closed a deal to pick up the rights to the game after almost a year of negotiations", the publication says, with Reynolds both starring and producing the film.

It will be a live action remake, reports suggest. Dan and Kevin Hageman, who also worked on the Lego Movie, will be writing the script for the film.

If you don't remember Dragon's Lair, you're in for a treat. Widely considered to be a gaming classic, it follows noble knight Dirk the Daring as he attempts to rescue a princess from a wizard's castle.

As the title suggests, the castle is also home to a pretty unfriendly dragon who Dirk has to slay in order to release his true love from the wizard's grasp.

It was pretty cinematic already: the game is largely made up of cut scenes, so it's easy to see how it could be adapted for the big screen.

It's not the only upcoming Ryan Reynolds project to focus on gaming, either. Free Guy, a project slated for release in July, stars Reynolds as an NPC in an open world video game that's about to go offline.