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Russell Hobbs goes retro, relaunches its most iconic kettle

65 years on, the K1 has been reincarnated.

Russell Hobbs goes retro, relaunches its most iconic kettle
Holly Pyne
30 January 2020

Us Brits love a cup of tea. After all, we drink 165 million cups of the stuff a day, which makes having a decent kettle pretty essential.

We are all probably guilty of taking for granted how quick and easy making a cuppa is. Long gone are the days where you actually had to stand and watch it boil on the stove (the horror).
The game changed back in 1955 when Russell Hobbs' launched the world’s first automatic shut-off kettle, the K1.

And 65 years later, the original K-series is now a highly sought after collectable and the brand is keen to celebrate the monumental feat with the launch of its aptly-called K65 anniversary kettle.

The shiny new kettle is modelled on the original K-series but with all the essential mod-con features added in for good measure.
It has the same retro shape, brushed stainless-steel finish and overarching black handle but it also boils one cup in under 40 seconds and has a newly designed spout to make it easier to pour without spilling.
Russell Hobbs’ Marketing Manager, Dominic Lewis described the K65 as celebrating “65 years of innovation”.
“We’re really excited to honour the incredible innovation that put Russell Hobbs on the map and changed the way people drink tea and coffee around the world.
“The automatic shut-off kettle is an invention most of us couldn’t live without and we see this as a fitting tribute 65 years on,” he added.
“We hope that it will bring both a touch of nostalgia and vintage style - coupled with superb functionality - into kitchens across the UK.”
Available now in two colours; the classic stainless-steel and a brushed copper finish, the K65 will cost you £59.99 (or £64.99 for the copper).
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