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This Ricky and Morty short will keep you going until Season 4

Something to tide you over

This Ricky and Morty short will keep you going until Season 4
31 March 2020

We always knew that Season 4 of Rick and Morty was going to be released in several parts – but that doesn't mean we're not desperate to get it back.

Adult Swim aired some of the episodes last year, whetting our appetites for the wacky show, but that was that: we've not got any new episodes since, and we've not heard anything about when we might eventually see them.

And, as TV production has pretty much shut down entirely at the moment, it could be some time before we do.

So you'll be happy to hear that Rick and Morty are back – kind of.

Adult Swim has released a short starring the two characters, aired during the Toonami block of anime shows the channel frequently airs.

It might not be how the show normally looks, but it's typically absurd. Rick is a samurai of some kind, with Morty in his care; Rick is then forced to fight several ninja versions of himself, and the battle gets very, very bloody.

It's completely ridiculous, which obviously means its the perfect way to welcome the duo back into our lives.

As for when they'll actually be back? No word on that. But, in the mean time, more shorts like this wouldn't go amiss.