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These Toy Story Reebok Instapumps look amazing but aren't for you

One foot for Woody, one foot for Buzz

These Toy Story Reebok Instapumps look amazing but aren't for you
24 June 2019

We were all hyped for Toy Story 4. Was it going to be amazing? Was it going to kill all of our hopes and dreams? What would happen to the beloved characters of our childhood?

Well, the reviews are in and it looks like the film is an instant classic – so you’ll be gagging to get your hands on this special pair of Reebok trainers, designed especially to celebrate the film.

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As you can see, all of your favourite characters are featured. One shoe, purple and green, is definitely the Buzz Lightyear side. The other, with blue denim, a cow pattern and some yellow, represents Woody.

Want a pair? Well, sadly, you’re probably not going to get one. Although the shoes would cause considerable mayhem (and lengthy waiting lists, we’re guessing) if released to the public, they’re actually going on limited release.

Reebok will gift a few pairs to a few people – i.e. famous people and influencers – leaving the rest of us staring longingly at our normal, non-Pixarfied shoes.


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