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​Puma launches sustainable collaboration made from plastic bottles

Sustainable kicks the order of the day.

​Puma launches sustainable collaboration made from plastic bottles

When it comes to fashion-related purchases, the packaging that often accompanies your order is as bad for your conscience as it is the environment. Now though, thanks to Puma’s latest collection, your mind can rest easy knowing your kicks are raising the bar in the sustainability stakes.

The collection - which spans clothing, outerwear and accessories - also includes a bold range of trainers, ideal for even the most environmentally conscious sneakerhead.

The collaboration that sees PUMA join forces with First Mile, an organisation supporting low-income communities in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan.

The project involves collecting the plastic bottles littering local canals, streets and landfill and transforming them into recycled polyester.

Featuring a Fizzy Orange, Mist Green and Puma Black colour palette, the distinctive range’s crowning glory is undoubtedly the vibrant sneakers.

Puma launches sustainable collaboration made from plastic bottles

With six different designs to choose from in a variety of colour combinations, these kicks are set to fly off the shelves.

“We are thrilled to welcome PUMA to join a group of bold, innovative brands leading the way in responsible sourcing,” notes Director of Partnerships at First Mile, Kelsey Halling.

“The PUMA x First Mile collaboration will positively impact lives by giving value to plastic waste.”

In 2018 alone First Mile produced over 300 tonnes of yarn which went on to create a host of recycled clothing.

And with the world becoming increasingly aware of the impact of plastic waste on the environment, we expect there are many more collaborations in the pipeline.

You can shop the collection here.