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Puma update the classic Clyde trainer with the help of The Kooples

Ooh, French

Puma update the classic Clyde trainer with the help of The Kooples

PUMA’s classic trainer, the Clyde, has been a perennial favourite since it graced the oversized feet of 7x NBA All Star Walt ‘Clyde’ Fraizer. Nicknamed after Bonnie & Clyde, Frazier was notorious for the way he stole the ball from his opponents and became the league’s original fashion icon, and his shoes – suede uppers, white swooshes, gold-leaf signature ‘Clyde’ – became an instant hit. All great. All good. Why change it?

Well, have you ever been to Paris? Paris with it’s narrow streets, cute dogs, everyone dressed in black, white, some grey – *some* – if they’re feeling particularly jazzy, and loads of leather. PUMA wanted in. Joining forces with The Kooples – the contemporary French label with the adverts featuring annoyingLY cool and handsome couples – and giving their shoe an adrenaline-shot, the new PUMA Clyde Kooples has leather-uppers and minimalist cool, calling to mind rock ‘n’ roll and high-low suiting (two things that have become Kooples’ stock-in-trade since their founding nine years ago).

Coming to you in two colourways – all white or, you guessed it, all black – we’re big fans.

The PUMA Clyde Kooples are available from Kooples’ website now