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The Premier League is set to make the transfer window change we've all been crying out for


The Premier League is set to make the transfer window change we've all been crying out for
Tom Victor
15 August 2017

The drama of transfer deadline day has been a whole thing ever since Jim White got increasingly restless as Manchester City signed Robinho in 2008.

Sure, deadline day broadcasts existed before then, but Manchester City’s new-found wealth and neighbours United splashing out £30m on Dimitar Berbatov on the same day took it all to another level.

However, in the years since it has been a law of diminishing returns, with presenters straining to extract excitement out of Emmanuel Adebayor maybe going on loan somewhere or greeting a League 2 player signing for Stoke with that massive, overused DONE DEAL graphic.

Over the last couple of years, the entertainment value has diminished so much that many feel there is no longer any excuse for transfers being allowed a few weeks into the season.

A fast start from your club can all go to pieces when one of the bigger clubs moves for one of your star men at the end of August, undoing all that hard work in a heartbeat by making you an offer you can’t refuse.

Well, if that sounds like you then you may be in luck.

Robinho signed for Man City on deadline day in 2008

The majority of the 20 clubs in the Premier League are pushing for a rule change whereby the window will slam shut (it’s always slam shut, not just shut) one week before the first match of the season.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the league expects more than two thirds of clubs in the top-flight to approve the move, the number needed to force it through.

It is expected that teams will still be able to sell clubs to foreign leagues after the deadline, providing they receive Premier League approval, but no transfer deals between Premier League clubs will be permitted.

That means deals like Berbatov’s move to Old Trafford, or Danny Welbeck’s shock switch to Arsenal, or even Moussa Sissoko joining Tottenham last summer, couldn’t have happened. Or at the very least they’d have had to go through earlier.

We’re 100% on board with the change – once the season starts, it should all be about the football. Let’s bin the transfer drama and get back to watching Granit Xhaka kick people in the shins.

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