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Postcard wallets

No stamp required

Postcard wallets

Manners might maketh the man, but, you know what, accessories are not far behind. Every discerning gentleman needs a good umbrella, an iconic pair of sunglasses, a classic timepiece, a sturdy bag and, most importantly of all, a stylish wallet.

Granted they’re rarely seen, except by shop assistants, but the mere glimpse of a finely crafted wallet can separate the men from the boys. That’s why we’re backing this unique collection of wallets.

Not only are they made from the finest cowhide leather, they’re compact and functional. Moreover, they look ace. Emblazoned with scenes from vintage postcards they quickly denote style and suggest a man of rare character and standing.

Currently they’re only available from Jack Spade, but fret not they do ship to the UK. What’s more, Jack Spade is opening over here very soon.