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Porsche's £18,000 Solid Gold Pen

Porsche's £18,000 Solid Gold Pen

Porsche's £18,000 Solid Gold Pen
27 March 2015

Handles well. Does 0-60 in 12 seconds. Polished finish.

Porsche has just released its new, and very gold, fountain pen. Frankly, it’s the Midas touch the stationary world had been lacking.

Model P3135 – it even sounds like a car - was recently launched by the company and it’s the sheer epitome of function and elegance. 

The fountain pen itself is made from a single piece of 14-/585 carat gold with an integral nib of 18-/750 carat gold, costing a mere £18,000. What more could you want from your new addition to your pencil case? There are only 11 pieces worldwide so if the cost didn’t stop you, the exclusivity will.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a GPS tracking device or a set of hazard lights, but what it does guarantee is the chance to scribble in style.

And if you do own a Porsche, you've now got something for signing all those speeding tickets.