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'Peaky Blinders' Season 4 is coming very, very soon

Soon enough to start getting excited

'Peaky Blinders' Season 4 is coming very, very soon
12 October 2017

Is Peaky Blinders the most fashionable TV show in existence? Very possibly. Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, with his cool haircut and cool hat and cool jackets, what a cool dude. Wish I was as cool as him. And if that means hiding razor blades in my hat, then so be it - I am on an immoral, undying quest to be cool.

Anyway, aside from all the coolness (say ‘cool’ again), Peaky Blinders, the show chronicling the rise (and potential fall - who knows) of a Birmingham crime family, is highly-regarded in this here television-saturated climate. It feels like there are more TV shows than movies now, so to stand out you’ve got to be doing something right. And Peaky Blinders surely is, particularly in the aforementioned haircut department.

It’s long been known that the fourth series is just around the corner, but exactly how close to said corner has remained a mystery. Turns out it is immediately around the corner, and if you walk too fast you’re going to bang into it and yelp in public, how embarrassing.

Speaking to On Demand Entertainment, Cillian Murphy said:

“I think it will be the best. It’s pretty powerful, we’ve got lots of surprises. It’s soon, it’s November I think.”

See what I mean? It’s so close you can smell the collar studs.

Here’s a look at some new photos from season four, too:

Oh it’s all very exciting, isn’t it? But what can we expect from the new series? Well, it’s all being kept shtum at the mo, with Murphy telling Today FM:

“In the classic gangster arc, the last season was sort of all about the wealth, the house and all that material stuff. This season is sort of a return to the roots. That’s about as much as I can reveal.”

So, essentially that means that we could have aliens in it or anything - he hasn’t ruled it out, it’s all very cryptic. Aside from that, we know we’ve got Adrien Brody and Aidan Gillen joining the case this time around, with creator Steven Knight saying:

“Adrien plays the threat to the family and possibly the biggest they’ll face.

“Aidan is a sort of, in the face of danger it’s like pressing the nuclear button - you get him to help. Let me put it that way. We have been very fortunate to get two really legendary actors. We get a lot of actors who want to be part of Peaky Blinders which is great but we try not to make it a ‘spot the star’ sentiment, and just get actors who are really perfect for the role.

“Tommy’s redemption might take a little bit longer. It’s the family being forced back together.”

Whatever the hell it is that any of that means, it’s got our office excited. So excited in fact that two of us are now bleeding from the forehead because we couldn’t quite get the danger hats to work. Still, we look cool, and that was the original point anyway.

(Image: BBC)