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Papa John's new haggis pizza is one way to celebrate Burns Night

Forget neeps and tatties, it's about the pizza-smothered haggis

Papa John's new haggis pizza is one way to celebrate Burns Night
Danielle de Wolfe
24 January 2020

It’s time to pick up those bagpipes and prep the neeps and tatties, for Burns Night is nearly upon us.

The celebration isn’t restricted to the Scottish Isle, however, as US pizza giant Papa John’s are attempting to get in on the action, serving up a questionable new haggis flavoured deep dish pizza.

Available now, the limited-edition pizza is an ode to Burns Night, a celebration dedicated to Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns.

One of the stranger offerings on the company’s take-away menu, the new pizza offering sees its tomato base topped with award-winning Macsween haggis, alongside crispy potatoes and cheese - plenty of cheese.

It definitely ranks up there alongside deep fried Mars bars and Iron Bru.

It goes without saying that you’ll have to purchase the whiskey to accompany the pizza yourself - or maybe the whiskey will be the instigator for the order in the first place.

The latest creation comes in spite of the fact the chain is not able to serve up the dish in the US due to imports of haggis being banned since 1971.

The reason for this is that haggis contains sheep's lung - an ingredient banned in food items for human consumption by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The toppings selections reflects the traditional Burns Night spread, which usually consists of haggis, neeps (turnips), tatties (potatoes) and whiskey, lots of whiskey.

But haggis fans better act quickly as the peculiar pizza offering won’t be around for long.

Those wanting to grab themselves a slice should head over to the Papa John’s website or hop over the app.