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One of Prime Video's biggest shows is getting a star-studded prequel

The action series is getting a bit of back story...

One of Prime Video's biggest shows is getting a star-studded prequel
Andrew Williams
22 January 2024

Chris Pratt series The Terminal List is getting a follow-up series from Prime Video, a prequel dubbed The Terminal List: Dark Wolf.

All the way back in February 2023 we heard Prime Video was working on both a straight-up sequel to The Terminal List and a prequel, but the first details have finally been outed.

Prime Video showed a poster-style image of the show on Twitter, with Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch standing back-to-back. The tweet’s texts also suggests the show will still focus on the two same characters,Ben Edwards and James Reece.

“Production begins early this year,” according to Prime Video, suggesting we’ll see the show itself late in 2024 at the earliest.

At its release back in 2022, The Terminal List made it to the second spot on Nielsen’s streaming chart. But that’s not bad going when Stranger Things was sat in the number one spot.

It was one of Prime Video’s big hits in August 2022, and folks spent eight billion minutes watching the show and The Boys that month according to Nielsen.

The Terminal List won’t have got much of a boost from its reviews, though, which were mostly negative.

Empire gave the series a two-star review and suggested it treats its audience like a bunch of idiots.

“The least appealing thing about this lump of a show is the lack of credit it gives its viewers. We’re not trusted to connect any of our own dots,” it says.

CNN called it “the kind of basic “B” fare that hardly yearned to get stretched out over multiple parts, which is surely a sign of the streaming times if not necessarily of progress.”

That it may have been better as a film, and wouldn’t have been great as one either, is a recurring theme.

Variety called it a “dour, miserable sit, one that would be tough to take as a two-hour film, and has been inexplicably ‘roided up to eight hours.”

However, this is a classic case where the audience seems to like The Terminal List much more than the critics. It has a 40% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, a 94% audience score.

The Terminal List is based on a novel by Jack Carr of the same name, published in 2018.