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One of Apple TV+'s best sci-fi shows is renewed for another season

A big face-off with the alien invaders is going to happen after all...

One of Apple TV+'s best sci-fi shows is renewed for another season
Andrew Williams
14 February 2024

Getting sick of shows getting cancelled? Good news, one just getting into its stride has been renewed, Apple TV+’s Invasion.

Invasion will get a third season according to Variety. It has been officially renewed a few months after the last episode of season two was broadcast, in October 2023.

"This new season will continue to build on the scale, stakes, and propulsion of the Invasion,” says series creator Simon Kinberg.

“While keeping our characters front and centre bringing them together in ways that will hopefully surprise and most importantly move our audience, who have been so incredibly supportive and inspiring since day one.

Invasion looks at an alien invasion of Earth from the perspective of people across the world.

The first season of Invasion received pretty mixed reviews, in part because it took so damn long for the alien invasion around which the show is based to kick off. However, things improved significantly in the second season.

“It might not match contemporaries such as Silo and Foundation in terms of consistency, but more than makes up for that disappointing first run,” says IGN’s 8/10 review of Invasion’s second series. And things may be on an upwards trajectory.

“The various plot threads collide in the season 2 finale — setting up a very interesting future for the Apple TV Plus series,” says The Verge's take of the tail end of the second season.

The first season of Invasion reportedly had a $200 million budget, for 10 episodes, far greater than the $45 million spent making Apple TV+’s Foundation season one.

These two series join Silo among a pretty impressive and growing sci-fi roster on Apple TV+.

Also coming in 2024 are Constellation, a show about an astronaut who returns to an Earth that doesn’t seem to be the one she left, and Dark Matter. That upcoming series sees Joel Edgerton’s Jason kidnapped to an alternate reality, from which he has to escape. Trippy stuff.