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We could be getting a new Spider-Man game in 2021, not for PS5 launch

He could be swinging his way back into our lives next year - but may miss PS5 launch.

We could be getting a new Spider-Man game in 2021, not for PS5 launch
21 January 2020

The 2018 Spiderman game was released to much fanfare – and it certainly lived up to expectations. One of the hottest games in the world for a time, critics and fans absolutely LOVED it.

And now it looks like there might be a follow up. According to a post on Reddit this week, which claims to be in the know about the gaming world, Spiderman will be back next year.

It suggests we'll be getting another open world game, much like the first, which allows you to swing around a pretty realistic New York – and that, this time, Queens and Brooklyn will now feature. The game is also said to heavily feature Oscorp and a cloning storyline, and to reference the Marvel world beyond Spiderman.

It will also be set in winter, and will feature Miles more than the first game, which mostly focused on Peter Parker.

There were also some details about game mechanics.

"Early in development is a Diablo-esque dungeons mechanic for randomised crimes, spawning in different types of crimes in different situations with randomised encounters." the leaker wrote.

"For example, a bank robbery might occur, but it will differ in enemy placement, different type of combat encounter (stealth or traditional combat), different types of enemies, different combat layout and mini objectives etc. This will be featured all throughout the games crime system."

It's difficult to tell whether this is legit or not – leaks sometimes come true and sometimes end up being completely and utterly false.

But with the level of detail, this one does seem pretty promising. Fingers crossed we'll be swinging our way around New York on the PS5 this time next year but probably not for launch annoyingly.