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The new Man United 2017/18 away shirt is, sadly, their best yet

Baddies always have the nicest outfits, don't they?

The new Man United 2017/18 away shirt is, sadly, their best yet
10 May 2017

They revel in their “everybody hates us, we don’t care” status and now Manchester United Football Club of Manchester, north-west England, United Kingdom, have got an extremely nice away kit that we really, really want, just to rub it in.

Inspired by their classic 1992 away shirt – worn by quite-good players like Ryan Giggs and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Erin Campona – only in a new black-and-grey colourway, that makes them look even more evil. The shirts, with ribbed crewnecks and bicep hems, plus adidas' patented drei streifen up the sides and mesh panel inserts, a monochrome badge and a big splashy sorta-ugly-sorta-not gold Chevrolet sponsor, could also be worn casually with a pair of black trousers and some adidas Stan Smiths if you work in “creative marketing” and have a job that allows you to expense boozy lunches as “liquid brainstorms”. 

Here’s what the German sports giant had to say: “It's no secret that the mighty Red Devils dominate and command respect from their opponents. Like the giants themselves, the '90-'92 Man United away kit is celebrated, hated and impossible to ignore. A bold version of the iconic kit, this men's football jersey embraces all the hype and amplifies it.”

Baddies always have the coolest outfits, don’t they?

The Man United 2017/18 away kit is available now