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Netflix's new number-one movie is a streaming hit - just don't read the reviews

Viewers flock to the movie, despite its Rotten Tomatoes score...

Netflix's new number-one movie is a streaming hit - just don't read the reviews

Critics, eh? What do they know? When it comes to Netflix, not much at all as while they have been slating the streamer's latest movie, viewers have pushed it straight to the top of the charts.

Mother Of The Bride is a romcom that stars a Hollywood legend. Brooke Shields is on board as the mother in question who has to come to terms with the fact that her daughter's soon to be husband is the son of a person she once loved.

Mark Waters is the director. Known for his hits Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, he's made some critical hits in the past but Mother Of The Bride isn't getting much love right now.

Netflix's new number-one movie is a streaming hit - just don't read the reviews
Image Credit: Netflix

It's currently sitting at 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, after more than 30 reviews. The good news is that it was sitting at 0% at one point, so at least the percentage is moving in the right direction.

Here's what the critics are saying:

"Anything grounded or human that real people could relate to regarding relationships or marriage is thrown out the window for cringe slapstick gags and shallow, filthy rich characters," says Flickering Myth.

Ready Steady Cut notes: "Brooke Shields, Benjamin Bratt, and Miranda Cosgrove get a breezy acting gig in humid weather while the executives conduct forensic accounting."

The Daily Telegraph reckons: "The film’s match-making subtlety, let’s say, is some way short of Jane Austen level."

While AV Club believes: "As if fueled by an algorithm that’s inserting scenes that borrow from the much funnier flicks it will now sit alongside in Netflix’s many-themed rows of content, Waters’ film fails to muster any memorable set-pieces."

Not great, then, but Netflix will be happy with Mother Of The Bride. Its currently sitting at the top of the charts, according to FlixPatrol - the top 10 is as follows:

  • 1. Mother of the Bride
  • 2. Honeymoonish
  • 3. Barbarian
  • 4. The Roast of Tom Brady
  • 5. Unfrosted
  • 6. Secrets of the Neanderthals
  • 7. Shaitaan
  • 8. The Frozen Ground
  • 9. The Final: Attack on Wembley
  • 10. The Zookeeper's Wife

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