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Netflix may soon let you stream for free - but there's a catch

Free streaming, if you jump through the following hoops...

Netflix may soon let you stream for free - but there's a catch

Fancy streaming Netflix for free? Well, you may soon be able to thanks to a new streaming tier that's being mooted by the service.

According to a report by Bloomberg, there have been talks about a new streaming tier at Netflix that is subscription free and funded purely by ads.

Now, there are some caveats to this. It seems that US viewers will miss out on this tier, if it ever materializes, due to Netflix being so popular in the States that it isn't something that's needed to entice new viewers in right now. The tier could well launch in parts of Europe and Asia, however.

As the report notes: "Top executives at the company have discussed whether to create a free version of the service in far larger markets, especially those with popular free TV networks where it also sells ads. (Think Germany or Japan.)"

Before those in those countries jump for joy at the potential of free Netflix, the report also notes: "There are no current plans to do this anywhere — these are just talks, for now."

Thanks for the ad

Netflix isn't the only one looking ad ad-funded streaming. There are plenty of free services available through Roku and other TV streamers that offer just this.

Amazon has its own ad-supported services called FreeVee, while Disney Plus has been thinking about adding an ad-funded channels to its service, according to reports back in April.

Given the rising prices of Netflix right now and the disappearance of its Basic tier, having a 'free' version of its service would certainly draw in new users - and it would bring the streaming service closer to the model many a TV channel uses to make its money.

Netflix is already testing a lite version of this model, with its Standard with Ads tier. This costs $6.99 / £4.99 / AU$6.99, subscribers get 1080p Full HD resolution and the option to watch on two devices.

If there ever was a completely free ad-funded Netflix then expect harsher restrictions to watching its content, such as, well, more ads.

For those spending out on a subscription right now, make sure it doesn't go to waste, by reading up on our best Netflix shows and best Netflix movies guides.