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Netflix is set to stream another amazing Oscar-winning movie

This big Oscar winner is coming to Netflix later this year...

Netflix is set to stream another amazing Oscar-winning movie
Andrew Williams
22 March 2024

If you live in the UK or Europe, you'll be able to watch Studio Ghibli’s The Boy and the Heron later this year.

Netflix confirmed that just about everywhere apart from the US and Japan will get The Boy and the Heron.

When? That part we don’t know yet. However, the film is still being shown in cinemas and there’s no word of a Blu-ray/DVD release date yet, so we’re thinking in the timescale of months, not weeks.

“Stay tuned for the date!” Netflix’s Anime account wrote on Twitter.

US viewers won’t get to see The Boy and the Heron through Netflix, as rival MAX recently signed a deal with the studio for the rights of the movie, and the wider Ghibli catalogue.

The Boy and the Heron won the 2024 Oscar for Best Animated film, and was Studio Studio legend Hayao Miyazaki’s first feature in a decade. The Wind Rises was his previous movie.

Miyazaki has said the film will be his last work, which seems fair given he is now 83 years old. However, Miyazaki has threatened retirement several times, the earliest being all the way back in 1997 around the release of Princess Mononoke.

Missed The Boy and the Heron in cinemas? It’s the story of a boy coming to terms with his mother’s death. But a Heron tells him his mother is still alive, the start of an adventure that takes him to another world.

The film broke multiple records, including the highest-grossing anime film that’s not part of an existing series in the US, and the highest-grossing Studio Ghibli film to date in the UK.

It's gong to surprise few of you, though, that Spirited Away is the most popular Studio Ghibli film on Netflix. As per the streamer’s What We Watched report, Spirited Away was the 1363rd most popular piece of content in the global library, and was watched for 15.9 million hours from January 2023 to June 2023.

It’s a figure we expect to see The Boy and the Heron easily surpass when it arrives on Netflix — we’ll certainly be contributing at least a couple of those hours.