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Netflix has a new number-one movie thanks to its most bankable star

Netflix does it again, with its latest film...

Netflix has a new number-one movie thanks to its most bankable star
Marc Chacksfield
24 November 2023

There's a new Netflix number-one movie and it stars the most bankable actor working for the streaming giant right now - Adam Sandler.

Leo is an animated movie about a 74-year-old lizard named Leo and his turtle friend who decide to escape from the school classroom where they have been living for decades.

It's a film that's that's packed with A-List voice talent, including the aforementioned Sandler, Jason Alexander and Bill Burr (who recently had his own hit on Netflix with Old Dads).

The movie is also written by Sandler and his long-time collaborator Paul Sado and the reviews for the movie have been impressive.

Currently it has a decent 76% Rotten Tomatoes score, with most of the reviews praising the movie's comedy and catchy songs.

Netflix has a new number-one movie thanks to its most bankable star
Image Credit: Netflix

Here's what the reviews are saying:

The Guardian reckons: "Brightly animated and with moments of surprising insight, there’s a warm likability to Leo that radiates, for those still in the classroom and those who left it long ago."

Hollywood Reporter says: "What makes Leo special are the kinds of lessons on offer. Its message is well-timed for a generation who find themselves held hostage by their parents’ anxieties and stand to inherit a world of problems."

The Wrap notes: "The film can’t decide if it wants to be truly bizarre, which is when it’s funniest, or simple and sweet, when it’s the most dramatically effective. These aren’t the worst problems for a movie to have..."

The Times believes: "A sweet and sometimes satirical movie that pillories modern parenting practices and includes just enough character detail to make Leo a credible New Age sage and the perfect foil for his wisecracking terrarium buddy Squirtle the turtle (Bill Burr)."

It's not all good, though, with IndieWire asking: “Who is this for? is a question that’s only asked by movies that aren’t working as well as they should, but it begs itself every few minutes in “Leo,” which can’t decide if it’s a movie for kids about parents, or a movie for parents about kids."

Netflix has stumbled upon the perfect formula with Adam Sandler. Nearly every movie he has released for them heads to number one, whether it's the more low-brow The Cobbler and Murder Mystery, the high brow Uncut Gems and You are So Not Invited To My Bar Mitzvah, or animated comedies they are pretty much guaranteed streaming success.

Leo is streaming now. If you want more ideas of things to stream - then head to ShortList's The WatchList.