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How to find out the first show you ever binge-watched on Netflix

Could be embarrassing, tread with caution

How to find out the first show you ever binge-watched on Netflix
09 February 2018

You’ve probably had your Netflix account for a while now, right? Really ripped through that library like a person with nothing better to do? I know I have - the amount of Sundays spent entirely fixed to the television, not even blinking, is heinous. Positively revolting. But you never really know exactly what you’ve watched, and how much of it, unless you’re keeping some sort of creepy diary.

Well, now you do (or can), if you access a little-known feature that Netflix has been hiding away, presumably because if everyone knew exactly how much time they spent watching TV, they might, you know, buy a bike or something equally worrying. But if you trust yourself not to do anything stupid, it’s possible to see your entire Netflix history, and therefore, the first show you ever binge-watched.

To do so, simply head to your Netflix account, then click your avatar up in the top right (probably a creepy green smiley face unless you’ve actually changed it from the default, you weirdo), then bang ‘Account’, then ‘Viewing Activity’ near the bottom, and hey Preston from the Ordinary Boys, you’ve got your terrifying viewing history. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll be able to see the first show you binge-watched (since you signed up this time, anyway).

In case you were wondering, mine was Wet Hot American Summer: Season 1 (I am new to binge-watching - much prefer a movie to a TV show).

But this fun feature also reveals a few other secrets about your viewing habits - it’s a peculiar insight into the way you consume. Like, for example:

Like, I did what everyone else did and slammed the whole of Making A Murderer in one go, but then thought, “That was heavy, must immediately watch a film about a killer leprechaun to calm me down”.


Banging through Breaking Bad like nobody’s business does take its toll, so I felt the need to punctuate it with an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and obviously a repeat viewing of Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies - extremely sensible behaviour I think you’ll agree. (Also, shut up, I was late to Breaking Bad, I know)

And if anyone can tell me what I was doing on the 14 August last year, that would be greatly appreciated:

Actually, I don’t like this feature. I’m not looking at it anymore.

(Image: Netflix)